Tips For Winning At Online Casinos

There are several ways to maximize your profits, and your wins playing in online casinos. These casino strategies differ depending on whether you’re playing at an online casino, such as Rushmore Casino, or a land based casino like the Wynn in Las Vegas Nevada since online casinos don’t offer the same comps as land based casinos.

We’re going to start with tips for maximizing your success in online casino’s. One of the things that will help you to do that is to start out with a win. If you win before you ever place a bet, then you’re start off in the green.

Online Casino Strategy #1 Take Advantage of Welcome Bonuses
This is something that cannot generally be accomplished at a land based casino you’ve never been to, however, it can easily be accomplished online.

Most online casinos offer a welcome bonus. That’s your first win at any online casino!

Lucky Red Casino for instance offers new players up to a $4000.00 sign up bonus.

Now what that means is, by signing up through our website your account will be credited for double your initial bonus up to $4000.00. You can opt to deposit as little as 20 bucks, or as much as the entire 4 grand.  You will have to meet certain wagering requirements before cashing out.

Play at Online Casino’s with Favourable Payout Percentages
One of the advantages to playing online that isn’t always available at land based casinos is the visibility of payout percentages. Most reputable online casinos publish this information on their website, or at the very least provide it to customers that inquire.

The use of that information alone strengthens your online casino strategy immensely! For instance, if one casino pays out about 86% of what it takes in and another pays out 97%, where do you think you’re likely to win the most?

Play Games with the Highest odds of Winning
There are games in every casino with better odds than other games. This is the same whether you are using an online casino strategy or a land based casino strategy.

The best game in any casino to play as far as odds are concerned is Holdem Poker against other players, not the Holdem Shootout game you play against the house, but the game played against other casino customers.

The reason for this is that there is no house edge. The house rakes the tables, and makes their money that way. There are online casinos where you can play slots and/or other casino games while playing poker.

One of those websites is Absolute Poker where you can play poker against other real live people at the same time as a side game of blackjack.

Casino Game Strategies
Another casino strategy involves actually learning odds, outs, and strategy for the games in the casino that you want to play.

After poker the best game in the house to play is blackjack, there is one bet better than blackjack however, betting the come line in a game of craps actually beats the odds of a hand in blackjack.

One of the things that really makes blackjack one of the best games to play against the house is that you do have some control over the outcome of the game. In fact, if you take the time to learn a proper blackjack strategy, and then implement it, playing a ‘perfect’ game of blackjack, you can reap incredible profits over time.

Other game strategies worth looking into are Roulette strategies, and Craps of course. Craps is a very intense game, that’s a lot of fun to pay whether you’re playing at an online casino, or a live casino. There are so many bets a person can make playing this game.

One simple strategy involves betting on the six and the eight. If you’ve know idea how to play, stick to that until you can implement a stronger strategy. Those numbers are the easiest to roll.

Online Casino Comps
Every land based casino has a comp program of some sort, as do most online casinos, and using these comp programs to your benefit is a crucial part of an online casino strategy.

Some online casinos offer a VIP club that increases your bonus amount as you move up through the clubs ‘levels’. Millionaire casino for instance offers you a 10% bonus on every single deposit just for hitting the first level, which they call the Amber level.  That’s after the 5k in bonuses you can get in your first three deposits.  Some land based casinos offer free meals, hotel stays, and free casino cash.

Whatever your strategy, have fun! Set limits, until you’ve mastered profiting with your casino strategy, and enjoy the bonus round.

Cheating in Casinos

Methods For Cheating In Casinos

For as long as casino’s have existed, so have those that would try to cheat a casino.  Most of the more common attempts at cheating a casino today involved casino employee’s cheating. Oftentimes cheating the players.

That in itself makes this article all the more important, though there may be the few readers that will try the cheats we will outline here, and perhaps end up in lovely new concrete home, with a meal service for no extra charge, our hope is that many other’s learn how to protect themselves from casino cheaters, thieves and other undesirables.

One of the more recent cheating scandals was brought to light by players in a poker room at a casino in Las Vegas Nevada. The con could however be pulled off anywhere in the casino where the dealer pays the player in chips.

Casino Dealer Palms Players Winnings
In this particular case, the dealer split a stack of chips between two players following a poker hand. The dealer calmly palmed a $1000.00 chip from the stack of each player.

One of the players at the table noticed that the money was missing, no one actually saw the dealer palm the chip. The cheat was revealed later.

Now it’s actually pretty unheard of that the actual casino will cheat the players. Face it, if they want more money, they’ll just skew the slot odds a bit further in their favour.

Raise the price of the Buffet, and who knows, maybe charge non hotel guests for using the bathroom.

Casinos don’t want you to feel like they might cheat you, it’s not profitable, not to mention multi billion dollar risk they take by risking their gambling licenses getting caught.

If that weren’t enough to deter would be cheating establishments, then perhaps the criminal charges that they surely face would be enough.

It’s also been rumoured that some cruise ships have been known to cheat players. In fact, the casino cruise lines are rumoured to be notorious cheaters!

Cheating By Un-stacking The Deck
Any game played with cards is open to cheating attempts from both sides of the table if not properly regulated. For instance, a player, or dealer might remove a key card or two from the deck. Imagine a game of blackjack missing 2 ten value cards per deck, now that changes the odds a touch doesn’t it?

If you were playing on a cruise ship, and the cards were manipulated unfavorably. It’s not to much to fathom a six deck shoe, missing all the ten cards from 2 decks.  You wouldn’t notice that would you?

This particular casino cheat is much easier for the casino to pull off however than for the player. The player has to get the cards back into the deck somehow, and the shoe counts them… so to make a difference a blackjack player for instance would have to be palming two’s like nobodies business, and then get them back into the deck without the dealer noticing he handed back to many cards, all before the next shuffle!

Maybe you would notice if half a deck was missing from a six deck shoe. Would you notice if the jacks, queens, kings, and tens from one deck were all replaced by low cards, 2-6?

Hey! Anybody Got a Pen, Pin, Nail File?
Marking of the cards is a pretty common casino cheat actually. This is found quite often in holdem games, and any other game played with a deck of cards.

Players have been known to dog ear cards, scratch them, wrinkle and crinkle them, to mark them.

Since the cards belong to the casino, a crooked casino is a very dangerous place for your bankroll to be. The house can use any manner of methods to mark cards in the deck. Or they can simply utilize well placed mirrors and have a look at what they want to see.

Perhaps you’re familiar with brail? Crooked cruise ships have reportedly used a brail method of marking the cards, placing dents and bumps in the cards that you won’t see, but the dealer feels.

I wouldn’t want to be a player on a cruise ship using any of the above methods however, with the ocean as my only escape…

Betting Less More or Less – Mid Hand
A simpler cheat to pull off is adding or removing casino chips from your betting area during play. For instance, you realize you have a terrible blackjack hand, while asking for a hit, you take a big chip off the top of your bet.

Try it a few times the next time you’re playing a poker tournament get bored, just palm the chips off the top of your own chipstack. See how easily you can train yourself to tap the top of your stack with the palm of your hand come away with a chip.

Which leads to a whole other form of casino cheating. Out and out theft of someone else’s chips. The best way to combat theft of your chips in a casino is simply to keep an eye on them.

Just in case you happen to glance away however, keep the smaller chips on the top of your stack, and the larger chips at the bottom. This way if someone attempts to palm a chip or two and succeeds you’re only out a couple bucks, and not a couple hundred, or worse, a couple thousand.

If you decide to leave your chips on any table while you go anywhere else i.e. the restroom, or on a dinner break if you’re playing poker, have them covered.

Insist upon it. Oftentimes you’ll be reassured that no one will dare to touch your chips ‘here’. That may well be true, but , no harm in covering them just in case. Most casinos have glass chip covers go right over your chips just like a lid.

Collusion: Group Cheating in Casinos
Another common method of cheating in casinos is called collusion. This is when a group, or a team of players help each other to gain an advantage. For instance, players sitting at different tables, with decent vantage points can often see the dealers hole cards at another table.

That player then signals his teammate and alerts him using a signal. Signaling is not allowed in any casino.  To combat this form of cheating, dealers usually keep their cards very low to the table. Especially when checking for a blackjack.

In the movie 21, we also see a form of cheating that involves a team of players counting cards, and signaling to each other when the count is favorable for larger betting.

This article wasn’t intended to give you pointers for cheating during your next casino visit. In fact, that career is only recommended for very large and burly fellows named butch that might be able to hold their own during long periods of incarceration.  This guide to cheating was written to provide you with incite and to help you protect yourself, don’t be a victim, cover your chips.

Casino Betting Systems

Overview of Casino Betting Systems

There are a plethora of betting systems floating around, some for sale, some for free, some come in eBooks, and others in DVD’s for 19.99 that you buy in the middle of the night from a very hyper man on cable television.

Some of these systems are just silly, and make no mathematical sense. There are however some that are worth a second look. That is not to say that they’re perfect, or that you will be rich when you leave the casino on your next vacation, but they’re worth further exploration.

Martingale System
The martingale system is meant to be used any time you have a 50/50 shot at winning, for instance betting on red or black on the roulette will, or on the Don’t Pass line at a craps table.

Basically, to utilize this system you double your bet every time you lose.

If you bet $5 and you lose, you bet $10 the next round. If you lose again, bet $20, then $40.

Now if you win that $40 bet, you’ve recouped whatever you may have previously lost, and you’ve walked away with a little profit.

Other well known betting systems include the d’Alembert also known as the Cancellation System and the Fibonacci betting System.

All of these systems are commonly used on Roulette tables, and in other even odds betting situations. If you want to read more about the Martingale System, check out

The d’Alembert Betting System
The d’Alembert, known also as the cancellation system, and frequently mistakenly referred to as the d’Albert betting system, is another of the easier to understand betting systems.

There are still ongoing debates as to whether or not this is a profitable betting system. Here’s how it works:

Decide how much you want to wager, you’re going to be writing that number on a piece of paper over and over, so grab a pen.

Then, decide how many times total you would like to bet. That’s how many times you’re going to write the number from above.

So if you want to bet $3 15 times, your paper will look like this:

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

Now we’re going to use the first number and the last number, add them together and bet that much. So place a bet of $6.

If you win the bet, cross off the first and the last 3. Rinse and repeat.  If you lose the bet, cross off the first 3, and add a six (the amount you lost) to the end.

Now you have 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 6.

Now adding the first and last numbers gives us 9, so that’s our bet, $9.

If you win, you cross out both numbers again, if you lose, you cross out the first one, and add the amount we’ve just bet to the end.  If there’s only one number left. Bet it.

Almost all betting systems fall into one of two categories, the negative betting systems, like the ones above, that are meant to keep you from losing. Whenever you lose a bet, you increase your next bet using these betting systems.

Positive betting systems take advantage of hot streaks, or optimal deck counts in games like blackjack where the progressive betting system is probably most successfully used since it can actually influence the outcome of the game.

Earning and Using Casino Comps

Learn About Earning and Using Casino Comps

Land-based and online casinos alike are quick to offer their members compensation for their loyalty and continued wagers at their establishments. Such rewards are often granted by way of “Comp Points”. Casino comp points often have a multitude of uses, depending on how many of them a player collects in a relative amount of time.

The world of casino comps is somewhat secretive as casino continue to evolve in marketing to their players.  Below is an overview of comps including what they are, how they are calculated and how casinos integrate them into their loyalty programs.

What Are Casino Comps
Casino comps are the casinos way of giving something back to the player; a thank you for spending your hard earned cash at this establishment, and not some other live or online casino. The more money you spend placing wagers, the more casino comps you can expect to receive. Casino comps are rewarding for casino players of all bankroll sizes, but of course much more so for loyal, consistent players and high rollers.

Types Of Comps
The types of casino comps available to you will vary by the type of online casino you are playing at – land-based or online. First, we’ll cover the standard comp points awarded at all types of casinos.

Comp Points: these are the most common casino comps, awarding points every time you place a wager at a live or online casino. These points can usually be converted to real cash, though you’ll need a lot of points before you can start converting.

Land-based Casino Comps: At brick-and-mortar casinos, players can expect to receive the standard comp points, as well as discounts on all other elements of the establishment – hotel stays, dining, gift shop, etc.

Online Casino Comps: Now online casino can’t offer you any free hotel rooms or meals, of course, but you will receive the standard comp points as well as other perks like deposit bonuses, free spin credits on slot machines, exclusive prize draws and special tournament entries.

Loyalty Programs
One of the best advantages of casino comps are they relative VIP loyalty programs. As a VIP, players will earn the best casino comps of all, especially as they climb further up the ladder. In fact, many of the casino comps listed in the above section are granted to VIP members. This is one area where online casinos are generally better than land-based casinos.

At a land-based casino, you’ll need to be a high ranking VIP to get a good discount on your hotel room. You can get a players club card when you walk in the door, but this won’t grant the exclusive discounts of a VIP. You’ll need to earn enough comp points to upgrade to an elite membership card. Once you do, you’ll then enjoy the discounts and other casino comps described above.

At an online casino, every player is instantly a part of the VIP program. Even at the lowest levels, you should be able to earn monthly deposit bonuses. This means your first deposit of each month is rewarded with a percentage-based match. These usually start out low, such as 25% matching up to $100. As you climb the VIP ladder, you’ll get bigger, more frequent bonuses, like 100% up to $250 or more.

High rollers will get the best deals of all. By wagering thousands of dollars in a single month, regardless of whether you win or lose, you can receive special offers like fully paid vacation packages to Las Vegas, the Bahamas or other resort destinations. You may be entered into exclusive prize drawings for a brand new sports card or some other expensive luxury item.

Calculating Casino Comps
Casino comps are awarded based on how often you play, how much you wager, and the house edge of the games you play. For example, a game that gives the player a low house edge (higher chance of winning), like Blackjack or Roulette, will award lower comps over time than games like slot machines, where the house edge is very high and is essentially controlled entirely by the house.  In these type of games, expect to accumulate comps at a much faster rate than through traditional table game play.

The basic formula used by casinos to award comps is:

Average Bet Size x Wagers Per Hour x Length of Play x House Edge

= Expected House Win

Expected House Win x Comps % = Total Amount Of Comps

For the average player, most casinos are willing to comp back about 20% of your expected loss in a given session.  The great thing about this is even though the comp is based on expected loss, you can still have a winning session and receive free gifts.

Casino House Edge

Understanding The Casino House Edge

If you’ve ever given much thought to a casino, they’re like a little city. Lights, and people everywhere. Prizes, and drinks, whether they’re alcohol based, or just soda.

The comps, and the points. There’s so much happening in casinos, every minute of every day…. And somebody’s paying for it.

If you don’t understand the house edge and how it works, that somebody is very likely you. The house edge is how you pay rent inside of the casino.

Here’s how a house edge works. Imagine that you bet have a deck of cards, half red and half black. You tell your buddy he can cut the deck and if the card he cuts comes off red, he wins, black and you win.

Your buddy cuts the deck, it’s red, and he wins. You had a 50% chance of winning that bet. If you were to take out a couple of the red cards, you’d have a bit of an edge.

The more red cards you remove from the deck, the more of an edge you have against your opponent. If you only take a few, say 3 or 4, he can still win, but over time, you will win more.

Well if you make a bet inside of a casino, there’s pretty good odds that the house has left themselves with a margin to profit.

The house generally has the biggest edge on slots games, and the least edge on the craps table come line.

In fact, there are two bets in a land based casino that don’t come with a house edge at all, one of those is the Craps Odd bet, and the other is any bet made at a holdem table, where a straight rake payment is taken.

Additionally, video poker if played absolutely correctly can often be played with zero house edge. Those numbers can be skewed however, so check with the specific casino you’re playing at.

For the most part the house edge for online casino games will be the same as the house edge for land based casino games, however, some casino sites, like BetFair have developed some zero edge games.

Betfair offers Roulette, Blackjack, Jacks or Better, and Baccarat all with no house edge. In Zero Edge games at Betfair, the zero was removed from the virtual roulette wheel. That zero created the house edge on the red black bet.

If you bet on red at any land based casino, you assume you have a 50/50 shot at winning, however, as we’ve discussed, the casino needs a small edge on every bet to be able to steadily profit enough to assure the salaries of hundreds of people are paid.

Adding the green zero’s to the wheel does not mean that players won’t win, sure they win, but it does mean that the casino has that slightly greater chance of winning.

One would assume that the ball lands on red about half the time, and black half the time. That would be a correct assumption. 48.6% of the time the ball lands on red. Likewise it hits on black the same 48.6% of the time.

That means that 97.2% of the time the ball lands on red or black and 2.8% of the time, the house wins no matter which of those colors you bet on.

How To Play Casino 3 Card Poker

Three Card Poker has become one of the more popular poker style games that casinos and online casinos are offering to their players. The reason for its popularity is due to the easiness of the game. The player does not play against other players but rather only against the dealer which adds more excitement as other players are all rooting for each other to win.

The game requires one deck of fifty two cards dealt by the dealer from his/her left side to right. The game is really two games in one, where the player is out to beat the dealer and/or is trying to make a pair or higher in their hand (pair plus). Most casinos will only allow you to bet on a pair plus when you have wagered an ante bet to start the game.

How to Play Three Card Poker
There are three circles on the semi arced table for betting. The first one on the top is called the Pair Plus bet. That is a bet a player will make if they think their hand will be a pair or higher. It does not matter what the dealer has or even if he beats you all you are betting on is that you will have a pair or higher. This bet has to be put down before the dealer deals.The second circle in the middle is the called the ante bet. This is for a player who wishes to play and will have to put the minimum bet of the table down on the circle. This also has to be put down before the dealer deals.

Last is the play bet. This bet is used for players who wish to challenge the dealer after seeing their three cards. The bet is usually 1-1 of the ante bet. This bet is put down after the player reviews their cards.

After placing your bets on the ante circle, the dealer will deal three cards to each player and then to him/herself. The player then has the option to fold or continue. If the player continues an additional bet must be placed in the play circle.

The dealer will then reveal their three cards. The dealer needs to qualify with a queen in their hand. If there is no queen anyone with an ante bet wins 1-1 on their bet. If the dealers hand beats the players, the player will lose both bets.

Three Card Poker Hand Rankings
Due to only three cards being dealt there hands are a little different than five card poker. Below are the hands from lowest to highest with their payouts.

High Card – Is the highest card in your hand. This pays 1-1 on your ante bet.

Pair – Two of the same cards or equal rank for example two queens. This pays 1-1 on your ante bet.

Flush – Three cards of the same suit. This pays 1-1 on your ante bet.

Straight – Three cards in numerical order in different suits. This pays 3-1 on your ante bet.

Three of a Kind – Are three cards of the same rank. This pays 4-1 on your ante bet.

Straight Flush – Are three cards in numerical order and in the same suit. This pays 5-1 on your ante bet.

Pair Plus
The pair plus wager is only paid if your three cards turn out to be a pair or higher. This bet is paid even if you don’t beat the dealer.  You must place an additional wager for your hand to qualify for pair plus prizes.  Below are the payouts for Pair Plus betting:

  • Pair – Player is paid out 1:1
  • Flush – Player is paid out 4:1
  • Straight – Player is paid out 6:1
  • Three of a Kind – Player is paid out 30:1
  • Straight Flush – Player is paid out 40:1
Caribbean Stud Poker

Learn How To Play Caribbean Stud Poker Online

As stated in its name Caribbean Stud Poker originated in the West Indies and quickly spread to the Americas and Europe. The game is played on a standard Blackjack table and you play against the house rather than the other players on the table. The game does not involve bluffing and unlike most poker games it carries a progressive jackpot. You will find Caribbean Stud Poker in most online/ land based casinos, and you will usually find it on most cruise ships as well as its a perfect fit for cruise based casinos.

Caribbean Stud Poker Rules
Now that you know some of the basics below will give you an idea on how to play. The goal is simple, can your 5 cards beat the dealers 5 cards that you cannot see.

Caribbean Stud Poker is played with one standard deck of cards. The player will place a wager bet called the ante on the circle labelled ante. The dealer will then deal him/herself 5 cards and the last card will be facing up. After all the players are dealt their cards they will have the option to fold or play against the dealer. The goal of the game is to beat the dealer with a better poker hand. See below for standard poker hands and progressive payouts.

The dealer must have an ace king combination to compete. If the dealer does not have that everyone at the table wins. If the player decides to bet against the dealer, they will have to place another bet twice their ante on the Bet circle. The dealer will flip over their cards and the player will be paid out accordingly assuming they have beaten the dealer’s hand for that betting round.

Caribbean Stud Poker Table Rules
Below is an overview of some additional rules that will be enforced by casino management while playing Caribbean Stud in a live casino:

  • Only one hand per player
  • Players cannot exchange information of the hands they are holding with other
  • The decision of the table manger is final
  • If a hole card has been exposed all hands will be considered void after the dealer announces no more bets
  • Wrong amount of cards to the players will result in a push hand
  • All players are required to have their hands in view of the dealer at all times

Caribbean Stud Poker Pay Outs
The payouts in Caribbean Stud are arranged according to 5 card poker hands since the game is essentially a branch off of 5 card stud poker with some added payouts.  Below is an overview of the various and hands and how they are paid out if dealer qualifies.

  • One Pair – Player is paid out 1:1
  • Two Pair – Player is paid out 2:1
  • Three of A Kind – Player is paid out 3:1
  • Straight – Player is paid out 4:1
  • Flush – Player is paid out 5:1
  • Full House – Player is paid out 7:1
  • 4 of A Kind – Player is paid out 20:1
  • Straight Flush – Player is paid out 50:1
  • Royal Flush – Player is paid out 100:1

Caribbean Stud Poker Progressive Jackpot
In addition to the regular betting Caribbean Stud Poker tables usually also have a progressive jackpot feature which builds over time depending on the amount of wagers played on that particular table.  These jackpots can reach as high as $500,000 however you must place a progressive wager of $1 per hand in order to qualify for this additional jackpot prize.  In order to place the bet, simply insert a $1 chip into the bonus slot on the table, then, if you hit any of the hands below you will be paid out according to the Caribbean Stud progressive payouts listed in detail below:

  • Flush – Player receives instant payout of $50
  • Full House – Player receives instant payout of $100
  • 4 of A Kind – Player receives instant payout of $500
  • Straight Flush – Player receives instant payout of 10% of progressive jackpot
  • Royal Flush – Player receives instant payout of 100% of progressive jackpot

Online Video Poker Games & Rules

Video Poker is perhaps one of the simplest yet rewarding casino games you will see in casinos and if you know how to play draw poker you can learn video poker in a few minutes. One of the great things about video poker games is that they offer the absolute best odds for the player and it’s even possible to find machines offering a payout percentage above 100% in certain scenarios. Because of this, it’s definitely worth your time to learn how to play properly for your next trip to your local casino.

How to Play Video Poker
The game begins with placing your money or online credits into the video poker machine. The player then presses the draw button and is dealt 5 cards on the screen. The player is given the chance to draw up to another 5 cards from the same deck or hold the cards he/she wants. After both draws the machine will look at the cards you have been dealt and will offer a payout based on your hand.

Types of Video Poker Hands
Now that you know the basics, you now need to learn the different types of poker hands to maximize your payouts.

Pair – Is the lowest poker hand you can be paid out for. Landing a pair of Jacks or better in the five cards you were dealt. If you are playing tens or better then the payout is given for having a pair of tens or higher. An example would be having two queens in your hand.

Two Pair – Payouts received for having two cards of the same rank and another two cards of the same rank in your hand of five cards. An example of this would be having two fours and two tens.

Three of a Kind – Payouts for having three of the same ranking card in your hand. For example a player having three Jacks in their hand would have three of a kind.

Straight – is a poker hand in which the five cards you have been dealt are in numerical order. An example of a straight would be having the following 2,3,4,5 and 6.

Flush – is a poker hand that has the same suit in it. An example of this hand would be a player receiving five cards that are all hearts in their hand.

Full House – is a poker hand where the player is dealt a three of a kind and two pair in one hand. An example of this would be having 3 Kings and 2 Fours.

Four of A Kind – A hand where the player receives four of the same cards, for example the player is dealt A, A, A, A, 2 – one of the best hands you can get in video poker.

Straight Flush – is a poker hand that combines a straight and a flush. An example of a poker hand that is a straight flush would be 2,3,4,5 and 6 all in the same suit such as hearts.

Royal Flush – is a straight flush involving 10, Jack, Queen, King and the Ace all in the same suit. This is the highest paying hand in Jacks or better.

Types of video poker games:
There are many types of video poker games out there. They all have the same premise but depending on your hands you will receive different payouts. See below for the different types of video poker games.

Jacks or Better– Payouts will begin after a player has been drawn anything higher than a pair of jacks. This is the most popular version of video poker and has a theoretical return of 99.5%. All American video poker is similar to Jacks or better but has an increased payout for straights, straight flushes, flushes but less payouts for full houses and two pairs.

Deuces Wild – Where the two cards serve as wild cards and the jackpot will payout for four deuces and a natural royal flush. The two cards will act as any card in the deck in order to make your hand a good one. Deuces wild can return on average of 100.8% when played with a proper strategy.

Bonus Poker and Double Bonus Poker- Bonus Poker is similar to Jacks or Better but it pays out a higher percentage for the poker hand four of a kind. Double Bonus is also similar to Jacks or Better but pays out a higher percentage for a hand of four aces.

Baccarat Online

Learn To Play Casino Baccarat

When most people hear the term Baccarat they think of a very high end game that is for the rich or something that James Bond plays on his off days. Baccarat is actually quite popular now among land and online casinos and is a very easy and cheap game to play. Its origins are French and the game is similar to black jack. The object of the game is to get a hand that is closer to 9 with either 2 or three cards.

There are three bets when you are playing Baccarat which is explained in more detail below. A banker will hold the shoe and is responsible for dealing all the cards to each player. If the banker wins the hand they retain the banking title and if the player hand wins then the shoe passes from the banker to the player. At anytime you can pass off the title of banker if you desire.

How to Play Baccarat
First you will need to know the value of each card before you play. Cards retain their face value from 2-9 while the tens, jacks, queens, have a zero value. The ace card will have a value of one. The hand that is closest to nine is a winning hand. When the total of the hand is 10 or more the player is required to subtract ten from their hand. If a player was to receive a 4 and a 10 the total would be 4.

Baccarat Hands
Player hands:
If the players first two cards total six or more the player must stand. If the cards total five or less the player is allowed to draw one more additional card.

Banker Hands: If the two cards total seven or more the banker has to stand and cannot draw another card. If the banker draws a total of zero, one or two the banker draws one more card. If the banker draws three, four, five or six the banker can only draw if the player draws. If the player did not draw then the banker cannot draw.

Baccarat Betting
There are three bets you can play when playing Baccarat. There are typically 15 spots on a Baccarat table that allow you to bet on the banker to win or the player to win.

To bet on a tie you place your chips on the Tie box and if the player ties the banker then you get a pay out of 8:1.

To bet on the banker means that you place your chips in the banker square in front of you. You win if the bankers hand is closer to nine then the players you are paid even money 1:1.

To bet on the player means that you place your chips in the banker square in front of you. You win if the players hand is closer to nine then the bakers you are paid even money 1:1.

The casino makes its money by taking a 5% commission off each winning hand. They do not collect this after every round but rather keep track of all winnings by each player. Online casinos will take the commission right away as the operating system can calculate it immediately.

Baccarat Strategy
To be quite honest there is really no Baccarat strategy as the previous deals do not have anything to do with the current hand. has provided some tips to their Baccarat players that have been known to help first timers.

Never bet on a tie: Just because you have three options does not mean you have to use all three. Betting on a tie hand the house has a edge of 15.75 percent versus 1.01% for the bank hand and 1.29% on the player hand.

Baccarat Odds: A player should always look for a game that offers lower amount of decks played and that offers less commission. Some online casinos will offer hands with only one deck which can be beneficial.