Casinos Accepting The Euro

Online Casinos Accepting The Euro

European online casinos have become one of the hottest destinations in the online casino world today. In fact, there are thousands of Euro online casinos to choose from, but so many of them seem to come and go everyday!

We’re here to help you narrow down all of those confusing choices, making your decision more clear and straightforward. Our professional review team brings you only the best and most reputable Euro casinos, so all you have to do is peruse the extra features to decide which best suits your online casino preferences.

Euro casinos offer a selection of gambling games, from those that are best played with a casino strategy, such as blackjack and craps, to games like Roulette, slots, keno, and instant wins that really don’t require a lot of knowledge to begin playing.

Before we get into listing our recommendations of best Euro online casinos, and the exclusive features that set them apart from one another, we’d first like to define what constitutes a “Euro online casino”.

What Are Euro Online Casinos?
A euro online casino is not just one that accepts payments in Pounds Sterling (Euro) currency, but one that allows the player to place wagers in this currency. It may seem rather silly but the fact is, the majority of online casinos will convert all deposits to United States Dollars (USD) for actual game play.

The silly part is, as you probably know, the United States has enacted legislation to prohibit online gambling within its borders. We’re speaking specifically of the UIGEA of 2006, or the long version – the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

This law basically restricts the transfer of finances between US residents and offshore online gambling operators. Though a number of online casino operators continue to accept US players, the majority chose to pull out of the US market after the UIGEA went into effect.

The funny thing is, many of these non-US facing online casinos maintain the requirement of USD game play. If US players cannot engage in real money wagering, it makes no sense that the online casino would take Euro payments and convert them to USD for use in the casino.

As annoying as this reality may be, we, as Euro online casino players, are left to deal with the issue.

Gambling has taken off in Europe, just like it has around the world.  Euro casinos currently make up the largest share of the highest rated online casinos in the industry! These casinos are regulated online gambling sites that are licensed and operating legally. That’s peace of mind right there.

Free Online Casinos

Best Free Online Casinos

Did you know that you can experience the thrill of an online casino for free! It’s true. Almost all online casinos offer a free casino version of their software. You might not be able to access every game, and you can’t access every casino for free either, but, without ever depositing a penny, you there are several online casinos you can play at for free which we have listed along with their real money bonuses for you below.

There are actually quite a few benefits to free online casinos, like learning how to play an online casino game before you bet hard earned money on it.

Playing at a free online casino also gives you the ability to practice playing some of the most popular online casino slot machines, card games, and video poker games, mastering them without ever wagering a cent.

Blackjack for instance is a game that you might want to try at a free casino before you deposit real money. You can actually learn blackjack strategy, and improve your odds of winning by neutralizing the house edge on the game. While you’re learning that strategy, free online casinos provide you with a place to hone your skills.

The craps board is full of betting opportunities, in fact, many people may never learn how to play ever place on the craps board, and that’s perfectly ok. However, while you’re learning where to start, and getting a general feel for the game of craps, a free online casino can be a very valuable resource!

Freebie mode is a great option when it comes to trying new online slot machines. Check them out for free, and see if you can get to the bonus round!

Experience the casinos graphics, sound effects, and the overall entertainment value of a slot machine, all without wagering a cent.

Perhaps, you don’t care to deposit at all, you just want to sit back and watch the reels go by. That’s a perfectly reasonable option as well, and one of the reasons that we’ve provided you with this extensive list of free online casinos.

With every cloud there is a silver lining, with every rainbow, a pot of gold, and every jackpot win, a tax. Free Online casino’s are just like that rainbow, shining through to the pot of gold.. That you can never reach. That’s the only real drawback to playing at a free online casino.

Casinos For Macintosh PC

Online Casinos For Macintosh Computers

If there’s one thing every Macintosh computer user is familiar with, it’s trying to find software downloads that are compatible with the Mac OS. Truth be told, there is a downloadable version of just about every software program designed specifically for Windows PC. That simply can’t be said of Macintosh operating systems. However, the best programs – those that are truly worth loading on a Mac – will come with a Mac-friendly version of the software, which we have listed conveniently for you below.

What is a Mac Casino, you ask? It is an online casino that is specifically compatible with Macintosh computers. They are the casinos where we’d play even if we lowered ourselves to the use of a ‘regular’ computer. What not everyone realizes, however is that most of the Mac casino sites require no download at all, and are therefore compatible not only with Mac, but they can also double as Linux Casino sites!

In fact, even PC’s can chug along at a Mac Casino.

One of the trickiest things about playing at a Mac-friendly casino is simply finding one. Oddly enough, the online casinos that are Mac compatible don’t boast about it much. We know it was hard work to create a no download version of the casino specifically for Mac Users, and we appreciate it, but we’d appreciate it more if they made a bigger deal of it. You know, some big, bold text on the main page boasting “Mac Casino”, or “Mac users welcome”.

Since that is not the case, and won’t likely change anytime soon, we created this page as a roadmap, leading lost and wandering Mac users to the best Mac Casinos available in the industry.

The casinos we list on this page are not only approved by our professional casino review staff, they’re also guaranteed to be Mac compatible casinos.

Before you continue, we’d like to point out that we are very meticulous about the casinos we recommend. Our staff takes a great deal of time to research all aspects of an online casino before it passes our recommendation list. So with this in mind, please continue, and we hope you find the perfect Mac casino to suit your online gambling needs.

Our Favourite Mac Casino is Bodog Casino. Bodog is the oldest Mac Casino online today.

Launched in 1994, Bodog expanded into multiple gaming venues and strove to keep up with the demands of its players, not just following the standard set by other online casinos. One of the things we like most about this Mac casino is that it is powered by proprietary software (that means they built it themselves), so players can expect a more unique gaming experience. And as always, Bodog Casino continues to accept US players.

Party Casino launched a Mac-friendly download called “Anywhere Beta”.

This is one of – if not the – first downloadable casino platforms that is naturally compliant with PC and Mac computers. You must be running Mac OS X 10 or later for the software to run properly, and you’ll need to know a few tricks about how to use a PC-compatible program on a Mac. For example, you may be required to right-click to remove a wager. Since Macintosh doesn’t do “right-click”, you’ll instead have to hold the CTRL key and click your mouse normally (the equivalent of a right-click on PC).

If you choose to download the newest Mac casino from Party Casino, please remember that it is still in beta testing, and is going to be a bit buggy for awhile. Drop down menus don’t close, links may open in the lobby window instead of a pop-up window, but these are all issues that are being resolved.

We didn’t experience any real issues that would deter us from playing Party Casino’s new downloadable Mac casino. In fact, buggy as the beta may be, we are truly appreciative that PartyGaming Plc. has finally taken the long-awaited step to provide a download Mac casino. Kudos!

Credit Card Casino Deposits

Information On Credit Card Casino Deposits

There are several credit cards commonly used to deposit funds to online casinos, the most common of these are American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Switch, and Solo. Which one you decide to use probably depends quite a bit on which you happen to have in your wallet, and the prospective benefits provided to you by your individual credit card companies. Although the most difficult credit card to use at casinos is by far MasterCard, there are still a ton of casinos that have good success rates online.

Credit Card Pros

  • Instant credit once transaction is approved
  • Easy to use, doesn’t require money up front
  • Added safety and security for your deposits

Credit Card Cons

  • Higher decline rate than several other methods
  • Not all cards work at all casinos

Making a casino deposit using a credit card
Assuming you have an account with an online casino that accepts credit card deposits into your casino players account, the first thing you’ll do when you open the casino software is visit the cashier. From there you’ll choose deposit, and then the credit card option.

You’ll need to register a new credit card with most online casinos. Once you’ve done that, you can go ahead and begin the process of making your first online casino deposit with your credit card. If this is your first ever deposit at a new casino, be sure to check out the requirements for qualifying for the casinos welcome bonus program as well. Many online casinos require an email from you either before you deposit, or before you play with your new casino account before they will credit your account.

Casino Deposit Transaction Times
Using a credit card at an online casino is generally a lightening fast deposit option, provided the transaction goes through. In most cases, your deposit will be processed within a minute or two, and your monies will be available in your online casino account within a minute or two of making the deposit.

Withdrawing Funds from an Online Casino
In most cases, casino winnings cannot be sent back to the credit card the withdrawal was made from. This is something to keep in mind before committing to using your credit card as your casino deposit method. Should you hit a jackpot for instance, you’re going to need an alternate method of payment for the casino to send your money to you with, usually most people opt for Wire Transfer since it is quick and easy.

Making Larger Deposits with your Credit Card
Oftentimes if you need to deposit more monies than the casino allows in a single period of time you can request that your deposit limits be raised, giving you the ability to place larger bets.  The other alternative is to use an American Express Casino, since Amex cards usually allow for much higher deposit limits for each transaction.

Credit Card Casinos and the UIGEA
Nearly every casino on the Internet accepts credit card deposits. Often times getting an approval from your bank however is another story. Due to the UIGEA, processing deposits via credit cards is sometimes touch and go. The good news is, once you’ve found a credit card that works at a particular online casino, it tends to continue working, and if you absolutely cannot find a credit card that works at any of our recommended online casinos, or are just ready to move on without the hassle, we’ve also provided you with some alternate casino deposit options.

There are a few countries with current legislation that limits casinos ability to process deposits with credit cards, in fact, following the passage of the UIGEA and imposing regulations on USA Casinos several other countries, France for example, introduced similar legislation. Lucky for French casino patrons, the EU didn’t allow measures to pass in Europe.

Alternative Ways to Use your Credit Card
Outside of the United States there are many alternative ways to use your credit card at an online casino, without actually sharing your credit card number and other personal details with the casino itself. The most popular way to accomplish this is with the use of a reputable eWallet, such as Click2Pay, MoneyBookers or eWalletXpress.

Click2Pay Casino Deposits

Information on Click2Pay Casino Deposits

Click2Pay is an online eWallet. If you’re not familiar with the term eWallet, PayPal is likely the best example there is. PayPal works much the same as Click2Pay, aside from the fact that Paypal doesn’t generally process online gambling related transactions.

Online Casino players can use their Click2Pay accounts to transfer funds from their bank accounts into their online casino accounts, making real time online casino deposits. That means as soon as you make the deposit, you’re able to use that money to play in the casino.

Getting Started: How to use Click2Pay to deposit to your casino account
The first step to using Click2Pay at an online casino is of course choosing an online casino that accepts Click2Pay as a deposit option. We’ve done most of the legwork here for you in that regard. We’ve listed here only the best of the best online casinos, with stellar reputations, and a history of providing excellent customer service to their casino patrons.

Once you’ve chosen a casino you’d like to play at, you’ll need a Click2Pay account. To set this up, visit, follow the directions on the site and set up your own Click2Pay account. Keep your user-name, your personal account number (or PAN) and your password in a safe place. You’ll need those items again when it comes time to make your first casino deposits.

Click2Pay is one of the most widely accepted online casino deposit methods available, so finding a Click2Pay casino is a fairly simple endeavour, we’ve gone ahead however and made the process even easier, by pre-screening a few of our own favourite sites.

Click2Pay Pros

  • No Personal Banking Information is Shared with Online Casinos
  • No Credit Card Information is Shared with Online Casinos
  • No more squinting to read the security code on the back of the credit card!
  • Click2Pay adds an extra level of security through their in-house approval program
  • Fast Deposit and Withdrawal Method
  • Accepted at several online casinos

Click2Pay Cons

  • Not available to United States casino patrons

Extra Level of Security provided by Click2Pay
Click2Pay required an application from each merchant that wants to use their service as a payment method. Each application is then processed, and then either approved, or denied. If a company has a history of complaints, or appears to be untrustworthy in some way, they aren’t approved. You might assume that this is standard with every payment processor on the Internet, however it’s not. This process adds one more layer of security, and peace of mind to online casino patrons.

Click2Pay Does not sell or disclose your information to any third party in any way. Your information is securely stored on Click2Pay’s own private servers, ensuring that no other companies, scammers, or spammers get their hands on even so much as your email address.

Click2Pay is not a viable online casino deposit method for US casino players as the company does not process deposits from United States to online casinos.

Casinos Accepting Amex Deposits

Casinos Accepting Amex Deposits

American Express is known as one of the most popular, and therefore well known credit cards in the entire world. In fact, American Express is considered the most Elite card there is. Almost everyone holds a Visa or MasterCard in their wallet, far fewer people are approved for the more elite Amex card, especially there top tier cards.

Some of the benefits of depositing at an online casino with American Express include:

  • Instant credit once your deposit is approved
  • The ability to make large deposits higher than a typical credit card
  • US players can use Amex to successfully fund their casino accounts

The company has a stellar reputation and is likely the best choice for players making larger transactions to online casinos. With that in mind, finding it’s obviously important for online casino players holding American Express cards to be able to find a casino that accepts the card.

There are actually several online casinos that accept this form of payment. Making a deposit with an Amex card is much the same as using any credit card online to make any purchase.

The moment you make the deposit the money becomes available in your online casino account. Not all casinos that accept credit cards however specifically accept American Express, which is a shame because the card usually allows for larger deposits to be made at one time.

All of the casinos listed on this page have been approved by our independent casino auditors, and are recommended American Express online casinos.

Choosing an American Express Casino
It really is quite simple to set up an account with an online casino that will accept your Amex card as a deposit method. once you’ve found a casino that accepts American Express You’re going to first want to choose a casino from this page that you’d like to play at. We’ve done all of the preliminary footwork here. Tested the casinos, looked into their security, spoken with their customer support staff, and listed for you the basics. Things like deposit bonuses, and payment methods.

Once you’ve made that choice you’ll either download the casino software, or opt to play a browser based Macro-media Flash version of the website. If you’ve downloaded the casino, open it up and install it. Once you’ve installed the software, you should be asked if you’d like to register. Registration usually takes a few minutes. It involves the usual details: Name, address, birthday, email verification.

Making your deposit with an American Express Card
Signing up as a new player probably takes about 10 minutes. Actually making the deposit will take you, a fraction of that. You’ll need to have your American Express card handy. Once you have the lobby open, click the cashier button and choose to make a deposit. Then you’ll put in your basic information, just as if you were buying anything online.

  • Credit Card Number
  • Expiration Date
  • Name As It Appears On Your Card
  • 3 Digit Security Code On The Back of Your Card

If you’re concerned about security when entering your card number online, don’t be. American Express has implemented some very stringent standards when it comes to transactions processed on the Internet. The company requires all transactions posted for processing to use a 128+ bit SSL encryption, ensuring that your information always remains safe and private.

Finding the Right American Express Casino
The trickiest thing about finding an American Express casino is that oftentimes reviewers simply state that a casino accepts credit cards, not American Express specifically, and although most casinos accept Visa, not all of them accept American Express.

Once you’ve chosen a casino from this page, simply click on the link and visit the American Express casino, in most cases, you’ll be able to scroll to the bottom of the casino site and see the American Express logo at the bottom of the page. Once you’ve been able to verify that the casino does accept American Express as a funding source, simply download the casino software and begin setting up your new casino account.

If downloading the software isn’t an option for you, you might choose to play your favourite casino games via a flash or java application instead, most casinos offer an alternative to the downloadable version for Mac, Linux and other users.

Once you’ve set up you account, by filling in the usual statistical data, such as your name, email address, mailing address, etc. You’ll be able to make your first real money deposit. From inside of the casino lobby click on the big cashier button. This should take you right over to a screen that will allow you to put in your Amex Card details.

The whole process works just like any online purchase using your Amex card and can be completed in just a few minutes. If you are making a larger than average deposit however, expect to prove your identity, possibly by faxing your card and identification to the online casino for verification.

Casino Bankroll Strategies

Casino Bankroll Strategies

Gambling can be an exciting, and exhilarating experience, no matter what stakes you’re playing at. It can be simply life changing as well. There are so many stories that involve everyday people becoming millionaires, or even winning just hundreds of thousands, enough to buy new homes, and/or new cars, from… penny machines!

Those of course aren’t everyday casino experiences, maybe you’ll just make a quick hundred bucks at the craps table today. Or perhaps you’ll improve your bankroll by half playing blackjack over the course of a year.

Maybe you’re not in it to win it, you’re a gambler at heart, and it would be great to spin up a jackpot that will cover your grandchildren’s retirement, but for today, you’re here to have fun!

Whatever your personal scenario is, you have to manage your bankroll right? Make sure that you’re getting your bang for your casino buck?  We’re here to help you do that.

Let’s go over some rudimentary basics of bankroll management for casinos, and then we’ll share with you some tips for padding that bankroll whenever possible.

Getting Casino Chips and Casino Comp Points
Whether you’re planning to hit the tables at your local casino, or spin the reels of an online slot machine, you’re going to need to fund your adventure.

At a land based casino the simplest way to accomplish this is generally just walking up to your game of choice and changing your cash into casino chips.

Dealers at table games cannot take the money out of your hand, so if you want to play just place the money on the table in front of you.

If you’re playing craps, it’s good craps etiquette to make certain the dice are not on the table before laying your money down.

Check Your Card in – Earn Casino Comps
Casino Comps are an integral part of bankroll building, whether it be from bonuses and loyalty programs online, or from the comps program at your casino.

So if you’re playing at a land based casino whether you’re playing at the tables or trying your luck with the slots, remember to check your card in to accrue casino comp points. When you leave the table, be sure to check out as well. Most casinos will give you partial credit if you forget to check out, however, some casinos give zero credit to players that do not check out.

Money Allotment – How Much of Your Bankroll Should You Risk
It’s just bad judgment to gamble everything you’ve got, and even if you prescribe to the strictest self control regimen, it’s a bad idea to take to much money to the casino with you.

That in mind, just how much money should you take to the casino with you? If you keep a casino and gambling bankroll that is separate from your day to day living and other finances, 10% is generally the recommended number.

As a rule, take 10% with you when you begin, and decide how much you want to make before you leave, before you get there.

Doubling your money and then leaving is not necessarily a good long term strategy, look to at least multiply your stake by 1 ½ if you plan to steadily increase the size of your bankroll.

Whether you’re playing for entertainment purposes, or to build a bankroll, you don’t want to gamble more than you can afford to lose.

For professional gamblers again the 10% rule per session is a good rule of thumb to begin with. As you get a better feel for gambling professionally, you’ll adjust this to your suit your own style.

For the casual gambler, take a good look at your entertainment budget, how much of that money do you want to devote to gambling?

Depending on the venue, that number is likely to vary greatly. For instance, those planning an anniversary trip to Vegas are likely to budget more than someone entering a slots tournament each month.

Time Management as it Pertains to Bankroll Management
Money is a very integral part of our world, but our time for most of us is more important.

The question here is how much time do you want to spend playing? If you want to play online for 1 hour per night 3 nights a week, you need to take the budgeted amount from above, and make the appropriate calculations.

For instance:

Let’s say your online casino budget is $200 per month.

$200 / 3 nights a week / 4 weeks a month = $16.60 per night.

Of course you’ll want to adjust those numbers for your own schedule and current bankroll.

The same works for a successful Las Vegas Casino Vacation. If you’re planning to stay in Vegas for 4 nights, and you have an entertainment budget of $1200. You might say $300 is dedicated to shows and various other activities, leaving you with $800.00.  That’s 200 a night to gamble with if you gamble every day you’re in Vegas and don’t win.

Pad Your Bankroll with Your Winnings
When you win, take at least half of what you’ve won, and add It to your bankroll! What’s left, you’re free to withdraw, or pocket and add to your normal household finance budget, next years vacation fund, or allocate as you will.

Putting half aside allows you to steadily grow your bankroll so you won’t need to make more deposits while also allowing you to enjoy your winnings outside of the casino.

Managing your bankroll will not change your luck or increase your odds at winning but it will let you protect your money by helping to minimize your losses and maximize your winnings.

Learn How To Count Cards

Card Counting is one of the ways that blackjack players remove the house edge while gambling in casinos. In fact, a card counter can manipulate the edge enough to give himself a 1-2% edge over the casino.

The Hi Lo Card Counting system is the easiest for a new blackjack card counter to learn. This is the same system used in the movie 21, which starred Jim Sturgess, Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey.

In fact, if you’ve not seen 21, we recommend that you watch that movie after you’ve gained a basic understanding for card counting. The movie, not only offers a bit of dramatics, and a great back-story, it offers new card counters a live perspective on counting cards.

Hi-Lo Card Counting System
The higher cards in the deck, from 10 to ace, are good for the player, a player wants to see these cards played. The low cards in the deck are bad for the player.

In a nutshell that’s what the basic Hi Lo system is about, keeping track of how many big and little cards are left in the deck.

For instance, if the dealer must hit on 16, and we know there are plenty of big fat juicy cards left in the deck, it’s a safe bet that the dealer will bust.

If the deck is full of tiny little two-ish cards, then the dealer can draw a three, or some other small card and might even hit 21.

When the deck has plenty of 10’s in it, bet. If the big cards are all played out of the shoe, decrease your bet.

With this system, and many of the blackjack card counting systems, every card in the deck is given a value. The value will be either -1, 1 or 0.

The count begins at zero. For every Ace or ten card played, subtract 1 from the count. For every 2 through 6 that’s played, add one to the count.

7’s through 9’s are neutral cards, they do not change the count at all.

Cards 10 through Ace -1 from the count as the deck will be full of lower cards.

Practice Counting Cards
To practice counting the cards in a deck, grab a deck of cards and deal them out one by one, counting in your head as you lay each card down.

You don’t need to worry about dealing to an imaginary blackjack table, just deal the cards out one at a time, for low cards 2-6 add one to your count (Which started at zero) for cards, skip the 7’s 8’s and 9’s and subtract a point for the big cards.

If you got it right, when you run out of cards you’ll be back at zero.

Once you’re counting out an entire deck in less than a minute, you can start learning other blackjack card counting strategies, such as the KO counting method, or the Zen count.

Now that you know what the count is, just what do you do with it?

The running count is the number you’re going to use to decide whether you should hit, stand, double your bet, or where available, surrender.

Additionally, this number will give you some idea as to how much to bet. For instance, if there are a lot of high cards left in the deck, there are better odds that you will be dealt a big hand, perhaps a blackjack, or at least 20. There’s also a better chance that the dealer will bust. So this is a good spot in which to bet a decent amount of money.

There are some factors that will throw off the count however, for instance, most casinos are onto you card counters, and have therefore started using as many as six decks of cards in each blackjack game.

The cards are then cut twice, and not all of them ever reach the table. The first cut, that is made by the dealer is generally made to cut about ¼ of the cards out of the game. When the dealer reaches that a cut card that he puts into the deck at the beginning of the shoe, the decks are reshuffled before play resumes.

To keep a more accurate account in multi deck games we use the True Count here.

To get the true count, take the running count (the number you had before we started this multi-deck discussion) and divide it by the number of decks that left undealt in the shoe, the cards behind that cut card the dealer placed in the shoe.

If two decks will remain undealt, divide the running count value by 2. So if the running count is 8, the ‘true count’ is 4.

A good betting system to use with the hi-lo card counting system is the progressive system. We should also add that there’s no point in counting cards if you’re not utilizing a solid blackjack strategy.

Card Counting Online
Counting cards does not work the same way online as it does in a land based casino, however some casinos online have actually made some attempts to make card counting easier.

One of the ways they make it easier for blackjack players to count cards and utilize card counting systems is by using an RNG that works with a token penetration. Cryptologic online casinos deal two virtual decks out of 8 decks in every ‘shoe’.

Aside from casinos that use this sort of method, you can pretty much visualize a 1 deck game shuffled prior to every hand.

Online Roulette

Learn To Play Roulette Online

Since 1700 roulette has been a staple table game in casinos worldwide enjoyed by millions of players on a yearly basis. As one of the easiest yet most entertaining games in the casino, Roulette combines the element of chance with multiple betting options to create an awesome game suitable for everyone from beginner to expert.

Roulette Basics
Roulette is played on a longer style table with at wheel at one end. The table below the wheel has boxes with the numbers 1 to 36 arranged in three columns and twelve rows. At the top end of the table above the one, two and three boxes, you will find the zero and double zero boxes. Each of the numbers on the table will be surrounded by either a red or black box indicating which colour the number is on the wheel. The above numbers are also called “inside bets” due to their positioning on the table.

Outside numbers (bets) are located around the inside numbers. They consist of 18 boxes such as: red, black, odd, even, 1 of 12, 2nd of 12 and 3rd of twelve to name a few.

The roulette wheel consists of 38 slots that the ball can possibly land on. The dealer will spin the wheel in a counter clockwise direction while spinning the ball in the opposite direction. Once the ball slows down, it will eventually land in one of the numbered spots.

Roulette chips are a little different than your regular chips you would use at most games. The chips are coloured so that the dealer can differentiate whose bets belong to whom. You are not allowed to share your chips with anyone and your bets could be rendered void if you do. Your dealer will ask you what your denomination of chips will be. You can make them singles or worth $5 or $10. Make sure you cash your roulette chips before you leave as they are not valid for any other games and the tellers will not accept them at the cash out station.

Roulette Rules
Now that you are familiar with the layout of the roulette table you now need to learn the rules of the game. The game is pretty simple to grasp. Try to guess where the ball is going to land.

You will begin your betting after the dealer has cleared the table from the previous spin. Only players sitting at the table can play. The dealer will spin the ball around the wheel while players bet. When the ball is about to slow down and fall on the track the dealer will wave his or her hand over the table to signal no more bets. The ball will come to a complete stop in one of the wheels 38 slots. The dealer will then put a marker on that number so that he or she can pay out the bets.

Roulette Betting
When you are playing your chips you need to understand how to the betting system works. The table that you play on will have a inside and a outside minimum. This means that there is a certain amount you will have to play before your bet becomes valid. Most outside minimums are more due to their higher probability of coming up. The inside part of the table has a lower minimum as the odds are harder.

Inside bets consists of placing your chips on any of the 38 numbers on the table. If you place a 1 dollar chip on red 6 and that is the number that comes up, then you win 36 times your bet, $36. You can also increase your span of numbers by placing your chip in the middle of 4 numbers. For example, you can place your chip between the numbers 1,2,4,5 if any of the numbers come up you will receive nine times your bet. This betting tactic is called splitting. The types of splits are labelled below.

Split Bet: A wager with one chip on two numbers paying 17 to 1.

Street Bet: A wager on three numbers paying 11-1.

Corner Bet: A wager placed on four numbers with your chip in the middle of them pays 8-1.

Five Number Bet: A wager placed on 5 numbers pays 6-1.

Double Street Bet: Pays 5-1 and covers two three number rows.

Outside bets are comprised of the following:

Red or Black Bet: Wagering on if the ball will land on a red or black square.

Odd or Even Bet: Wagering on the ball landing on a number that will be either odd or even.

1st through 18 or 19 through 36 Bet: Wagering on what half of the numbers might come up,1-18 or 19-36.

Dozen Bets: Bets on the first 12 numbers the second 12 numbers or the third set of 12 numbers which pays 2 to 1.

Column Bets: Placing a bet on one of the three columns at the end of the table selecting 12 numbers in that column. This also pays 2 to 1.

You may think by playing the outside of the roulette table you have a 50% chance of a payout. But remember that the house has the advantage due to the zero or the double zero’s on the wheel which you should always consider when placing your bets.