Online Casinos For Macintosh Computers

If there’s one thing every Macintosh computer user is familiar with, it’s trying to find software downloads that are compatible with the Mac OS. Truth be told, there is a downloadable version of just about every software program designed specifically for Windows PC. That simply can’t be said of Macintosh operating systems. However, the best programs – those that are truly worth loading on a Mac – will come with a Mac-friendly version of the software, which we have listed conveniently for you below.

What is a Mac Casino, you ask? It is an online casino that is specifically compatible with Macintosh computers. They are the casinos where we’d play even if we lowered ourselves to the use of a ‘regular’ computer. What not everyone realizes, however is that most of the Mac casino sites require no download at all, and are therefore compatible not only with Mac, but they can also double as Linux Casino sites!

In fact, even PC’s can chug along at a Mac Casino.

One of the trickiest things about playing at a Mac-friendly casino is simply finding one. Oddly enough, the online casinos that are Mac compatible don’t boast about it much. We know it was hard work to create a no download version of the casino specifically for Mac Users, and we appreciate it, but we’d appreciate it more if they made a bigger deal of it. You know, some big, bold text on the main page boasting “Mac Casino”, or “Mac users welcome”.

Since that is not the case, and won’t likely change anytime soon, we created this page as a roadmap, leading lost and wandering Mac users to the best Mac Casinos available in the industry.

The casinos we list on this page are not only approved by our professional casino review staff, they’re also guaranteed to be Mac compatible casinos.

Before you continue, we’d like to point out that we are very meticulous about the casinos we recommend. Our staff takes a great deal of time to research all aspects of an online casino before it passes our recommendation list. So with this in mind, please continue, and we hope you find the perfect Mac casino to suit your online gambling needs.

Our Favourite Mac Casino is Bodog Casino. Bodog is the oldest Mac Casino online today.

Launched in 1994, Bodog expanded into multiple gaming venues and strove to keep up with the demands of its players, not just following the standard set by other online casinos. One of the things we like most about this Mac casino is that it is powered by proprietary software (that means they built it themselves), so players can expect a more unique gaming experience. And as always, Bodog Casino continues to accept US players.

Party Casino launched a Mac-friendly download called “Anywhere Beta”.

This is one of – if not the – first downloadable casino platforms that is naturally compliant with PC and Mac computers. You must be running Mac OS X 10 or later for the software to run properly, and you’ll need to know a few tricks about how to use a PC-compatible program on a Mac. For example, you may be required to right-click to remove a wager. Since Macintosh doesn’t do “right-click”, you’ll instead have to hold the CTRL key and click your mouse normally (the equivalent of a right-click on PC).

If you choose to download the newest Mac casino from Party Casino, please remember that it is still in beta testing, and is going to be a bit buggy for awhile. Drop down menus don’t close, links may open in the lobby window instead of a pop-up window, but these are all issues that are being resolved.

We didn’t experience any real issues that would deter us from playing Party Casino’s new downloadable Mac casino. In fact, buggy as the beta may be, we are truly appreciative that PartyGaming Plc. has finally taken the long-awaited step to provide a download Mac casino. Kudos!

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