Information on Click2Pay Casino Deposits

Click2Pay is an online eWallet. If you’re not familiar with the term eWallet, PayPal is likely the best example there is. PayPal works much the same as Click2Pay, aside from the fact that Paypal doesn’t generally process online gambling related transactions.

Online Casino players can use their Click2Pay accounts to transfer funds from their bank accounts into their online casino accounts, making real time online casino deposits. That means as soon as you make the deposit, you’re able to use that money to play in the casino.

Getting Started: How to use Click2Pay to deposit to your casino account
The first step to using Click2Pay at an online casino is of course choosing an online casino that accepts Click2Pay as a deposit option. We’ve done most of the legwork here for you in that regard. We’ve listed here only the best of the best online casinos, with stellar reputations, and a history of providing excellent customer service to their casino patrons.

Once you’ve chosen a casino you’d like to play at, you’ll need a Click2Pay account. To set this up, visit, follow the directions on the site and set up your own Click2Pay account. Keep your user-name, your personal account number (or PAN) and your password in a safe place. You’ll need those items again when it comes time to make your first casino deposits.

Click2Pay is one of the most widely accepted online casino deposit methods available, so finding a Click2Pay casino is a fairly simple endeavour, we’ve gone ahead however and made the process even easier, by pre-screening a few of our own favourite sites.

Click2Pay Pros

  • No Personal Banking Information is Shared with Online Casinos
  • No Credit Card Information is Shared with Online Casinos
  • No more squinting to read the security code on the back of the credit card!
  • Click2Pay adds an extra level of security through their in-house approval program
  • Fast Deposit and Withdrawal Method
  • Accepted at several online casinos

Click2Pay Cons

  • Not available to United States casino patrons

Extra Level of Security provided by Click2Pay
Click2Pay required an application from each merchant that wants to use their service as a payment method. Each application is then processed, and then either approved, or denied. If a company has a history of complaints, or appears to be untrustworthy in some way, they aren’t approved. You might assume that this is standard with every payment processor on the Internet, however it’s not. This process adds one more layer of security, and peace of mind to online casino patrons.

Click2Pay Does not sell or disclose your information to any third party in any way. Your information is securely stored on Click2Pay’s own private servers, ensuring that no other companies, scammers, or spammers get their hands on even so much as your email address.

Click2Pay is not a viable online casino deposit method for US casino players as the company does not process deposits from United States to online casinos.

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